Mould, mildew, and moisture permeate nearly everything. Your camping and RV mats and mattresses may as well be wicks when placed on normal ground or supporting a sweaty back. Preventing disease and smell requires thoroughly airing out a mattress.

What causes odors?

Nothing we sleep on repels every stain or liquid. We strive to keep camping material clean but even a sleeping bag falls victim to the odors we bring to bed.

These smells are an indicator of more than just a hard day in the sun. Germs, mold, and mildew create the unsavory aftertaste of our recreational as well as work activities. Allowing your equipment to fester only worsens the small as living organisms feast on your waste. 

Why is airing out a mattress important?

Airing out a mattress is one way to keep these problematic byproducts at bay. Air sweeping through the material carries away germs, allergens, and debris. This is a healthy and natural way to increase the longevity of your equipment while protecting your health.

This, in turn, prevents revolting smells from overpowering your camper or backpack. It is easy to take care of bed mats, sleeping bags, blankest, and other material while away from the comfort of your own home.

How to Air out a Mattress

There are several steps to airing out your bed mats and mattresses. Many people leave out critical steps.

To thoroughly air out bedding:

  1. Remove any top sheets or items
  2. If at home, vacuum your mattress
  3. Set up a clothesline or bungee cord for air mattresses
  4. Hang your mattress in the sun if possible for four hours
  5. If not possible, place each side in direct contact with the sun for four hours

Ensure that your mats and mattresses are on dry ground. Moisture defeats the purpose as mould and mildew thrive in moist environments where germs and allergens soak into your bedding.

Removing Sheets and Items

Top sheets and items only serve to trap moisture into your mat or mattress. They also carry germs and allergens themselves.

You must expose your entire mat to the air. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are particularly effective at getting rid of every microscopic organism leading to unsavory smells. 

Benefits of Air Vented Mats

The equipment you purchase also makes a difference. Air vented mats and mattresses contain a special matrix within their layers that allows air to sweep through them. They air out as you lay on them while helping to prevent germs and allergens from building up within.

This layer also takes less time to air out. You get your bedding back much faster when it contains vents.

HyperDrii specially tailors its mats to the outdoors with an anti mould layer. We take protection a step further.

The Benefits of Airing out a Mattress

Mattresses, mats, and other bedding become saturated with germs, allergens, and bacteria. Airing out a mattress helps eliminate these microscopic invaders. Keep your equipment in top condition much longer.

HyperDrii creates mats that last. Visit our website to find out how.



Airing Out a Mattress

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