Granite countertops have become quite popular today. However, granite is not easy to get like other materials. It has to be cut from the earth in a quarry, which makes it quite expensive. That said, granite is more durable, unique, has aesthetic appeal, and lasts much longer than other countertop materials like laminate. So, if you need granite counter estimates in Fort Worth, we can help. At Liberty Stone, we provide the highest quality granite and marble countertops for our clients at wholesale granite prices.

How It Works When You Get a Free Estimate From Us

If you’re considering getting a granite countertop, it is essential to ask for an estimate before hiring professionals like us to install it for you. The process of getting a free estimate from us at Liberty Stone is simple. Here is how it works.

Contact us For a Quote

If you need granite countertops free estimates in Fort Worth, TX, the first step is to get in touch with us. We provide free estimates for our clients based on factors like your countertop size, the complexity of the job, cut-outs, finish, and more. Our experts will ask you a number of questions to determine the appropriate estimate for your countertop. For the most competitive Fort Worth countertops cost and prices, contact us today.

Get The Professional Estimate Document

After requesting a free quote, our team drafts a document for your countertop estimate. There are several things that we at Liberty Stone include in our estimate:

  • Job Description – Here, we describe what the job entails. We go in-depth, leaving nothing out about the process in regards to what you asked for as the client.
  • Materials and Labor – This section provides a high-level view of the general materials to be used and labor required, and the cost for each.
  • Total Cost— We also include a tally of the project’s total cost, including payment terms like how much you need to pay upfront and when the rest of the payment is due. We also include information about penalties in case of late payments.
  • Liberty Stone Information– To make it easy to get in touch with us in case you have questions, we provide our contact information in our estimates. These include our phone number and email address. You can call our friendly, professional, and knowledgeable team of the best countertop contractors in Fort Worth at any time during our working hours.

Start The Project

After reviewing our estimate and deciding whether it suits your needs, you should give us a call or email us to inform us when we can begin installing your quality granite or marble countertop. Our skilled and experienced contractors will come and deliver quality results with the utmost professionalism and respect for your property.

Premier Granite Countertop Installers

If you are searching for the finest granite fabricators in Fort Worth, look no further. At Liberty Stone, we have the best granite counter estimates in Fort Worth, and we are ready to revamp your home. Contact Liberty Stone LLC today on 877-542-7878 to get a quote.

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