Kitchen Remodel? Four things to consider when choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets.

It’s time to remodel your kitchen, but with so many options for kitchen cabinets on the market today, How do you choose?

This is always one of the first questions that comes up when I am talking with a customer looking to remodel their kitchen.  Cabinets take up a huge chunk of the budget on any kitchen & bathroom remodeling services in Grand Junction, CO.  They are also one of the most visible aspects to consider when looking at designs and textures.  Did you know you can spend over $100,000.00 on kitchen cabinets alone?  This is astronomical for most people, but the question remains:  Why is there such a drastic price difference on kitchen cabinets?  How do you pick a set of cabinets that fits your needs, and more importantly, how do you stay in budget?

Here are a few things to consider that effect kitchen cabinet cost:

  1. Kitchen Cabinet Door Size 
  • The door is the most expensive part of a cabinet. They are generally real wood with a high quality finish.  The rest of the cabinet is just a box. If you look at a “fix and flip” quality cabinet or what some call builders grade, the cabinet door is small with big fillers around it.  More modern cabinets have doors as big as the cabinets.  Don’t want filler at all?  We can custom make cabinets to fit your space perfectly.
  1. Hardware
  • Hardware on the lowest level cabinets is cheap. ( imagine that?)  drawers don’t open all the way.  Screws strip out of the doors.  Metal shows fatigue and breaks easily.  These cabinets look great once installed, but quickly start to deteriorate and fall apart.  They have less useful space inside as drawers don’t open all the way.
  • As you move up in cost with your cabinets so does the hardware. You get soft close and full extension drawers.  You can start adding things like spice rack pull outs, trash can pull outs, kitchen aid lifts and not so lazy susans just to name a few options.
  1. Wood Type, Paint/Stain Options
  • Do you want a walnut finish with a chocolate glaze? Or Cherry with mahogany stain?  Or just a simple paint grade maple?
  1. Cabinet Mill Capabilities
  • This is one of the hidden costs most people don’t consider. Some kitchen cabinet mills make the same product in bulk.  This keeps the price low.  Finding a quality line that makes bulk cabinets are great, but you have few choices of style and color.  The most expensive cabinets are made in a mill that can do anything.  Any size/ shape / wood / texture.   Even though they sound expensive, many mills can produce a great custom cabinet for less than you may think.  But,  if your kitchen layout and design calls for a cabinet that you could purchase from a bulk mill,  you wouldn’t want to spend the extra for the same cabinet produced custom.

Those are just four examples of the many things that effect your final kitchen cabinet cost.   Don’t worry though!  That is what we are here for.  We have over ten different cabinet lines that I have hand selected for our customers to choose from.  As part of our free consultation, I will talk to you and work with you directly to help you make decisions regarding your kitchen remodel needs.  I will help you pick out the best kitchen cabinets that accommodate your lifestyle and fit into your remodel budget. Ready to make your dream kitchen a reality? Contact us now! 

-Jesse Koerner – Owner, GC, Kitchen Remodel Specialist