Time for a kitchen remodel? Consider these space saving ideas.

When working with customers on their kitchen remodel designs, the most common complaint we hear is that their existing kitchens are too small and do not provide enough storage area.

Cupboards are too small; food storage space is limited and there is no room for their multiple small kitchen appliances.  As you begin to plan your kitchen remodel, consider some of these great space saving ideas during the initial kitchen design phase. With smart planning, your new kitchen will be modern, functional and offer plenty of space for family and social gatherings.

Follow these space saving tips to maximize your kitchen storage and improve the functionality of your new kitchen design.

  1. Utilize cabinet/cupboard rack systems – Pot racks, pull-out pantries, plate organizers, lazy susans, space dividers, cutlery trays and other built in storage solutions are a great way to keep your kitchen organized, maximize space, and add character to your new kitchen.
  2. Look for walls and windowsills that can be converted into built in benches or shelves – When space is limited, windowsills and small walls make incredible benches, reading nooks, and shelving areas. Look for new ways to utilize existing space and creative ways to transform wasted space into unique, personalized designs.
  3. Decide which appliances can be eliminated by installing new upgrades. – In today’s modern world, many small appliances can be eliminated if budget permits. e., a boiling water tap to eliminate tea kettles, filtered water tap to eliminate water coolers, built-in convection oven replacing toasters on the counter, installing a trash compactor instead of using a stand-alone trash can. Small appliances often clutter counters and make cupboard space scarce. Since the kitchen is often the central social hub in the home, it is important to keep your kitchen remodel design as open and inviting as possible.
  4. Create a hideaway cupboard – Hide small appliances, charging stations and other clutter by creating a hideaway cupboard. As the central hub in the home, kitchens are often cluttered by charging cords, phones, speakers, and other small items. Including a hideaway cupboard is a great way to help keep undesirable cords and personal items out of sight.
  5. Consider eliminating tables and replacing with a well thought out, kitchen island. -Kitchen islands come in all shapes and sizes and can help add additional storage while opening up the kitchen area for social interaction. Many customers think their kitchen space is too small for an island area; however, a small breakfast bar or half island can do wonders to add surface space and create a more social, welcoming environment.

When planning your dream kitchen remodel, it is important to consider all aspects of functionality, flow, and design. Regardless of the size and shape of your kitchen, choosing the right cupboards, layout, appliances, and storage solutions will help transform your boring, cluttered kitchen, into the new, modern kitchen of your dreams.

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