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The lawn is one of the essential elements in your home. It provides that special warmth and allows your home to be surrounded by that spectacular green carpet that provides a unique landscape. For sure, during the year you worry about doing the right watering and pruning to keep it in optimum condition.

However, your lawn needs a lot more care so that it stays happy and healthy every day. Different threats can affect the health of your lawn. It is essential that you know them, and you know the best method to deal with them satisfactorily.

Fertilization is Essential

One of the vital elements for the lawn to remain strong and healthy all year round is that the soil has the necessary nutrients. Generally, the substrate easily loses its properties, as it is often watered. It then becomes necessary for you to make a regular plan to fertilize the soil and return the optimal conditions for your lawn to grow and maintain.

Fertilizer should include nutrients such as nitrogen (N), which is critical in the food cycle of most herbaceous species. However, you should incorporate it in the right proportion, as excess nitrogen encourages the emergence of undesirable weeds. Another necessary element is potassium (K). This component provides strength to the lawn that will be useful to resist threats such as diseases, pests, drought, and cold.

Which Are The Threats to Your Lawn?

During the year, different diseases and pests can appear and can affect the integrity of your lawn. If any of these agents is not treated immediately and correctly, your lawn will be significantly affected. It will lose its beautiful appearance and properties, and in the worst cases, you will need to make a large investment to replace it. These are the most common:

  • Weeds: grassy type, broadleaf type, mushrooms, algae, or mosses
  • Insects: fire ants, grubs, chinch bugs, worms, black doughnuts, snails, slugs, aphids, and mealybugs
  • Diseases: brown patch, Saint Augustine decline, take-all patch, fusariosis, necrotic ring spot, leaf blight, dollar spot, leaf spot, phylum, red thread, rust, copper spot, and gray snow spot

How to Successfully Protect Your Lawn From Such Threats?

The wisest way to keep your lawn in top condition all year round is to rely on professional lawn care services. The first thing these specialists do is analyze the type of grass you have on your property and the general condition of the soil. Then they will elaborate an annual maintenance plan, with which through programmed visits they will make the necessary inspections, fertilization, and pest controls so that your lawn is at 100%.

Trust the Experts

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lawn care Rockwall TX