Pond Landscaping Ideas

Do you have a backyard that is missing a pond? At Allison Landscaping, we hold over 20 years of experience in building garden ponds. We construct ponds based on a scientifically proven design using the best industry practices. Call us today for creative and inexpensive pond landscaping ideas.

Advantages of adding pebbles to your ponds

Pebbles in ponds not only serve as a bottom layer but serve plenty of other benefits as well. Pebbles placed over the liner keeps it anchored to your pond’s bottom. The coating ensures that your pond remains clean and clear, making pond maintenance much more comfortable.

Pebbles trap sediments and offer the perfect space for the growth of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria play a significant role in breaking down detritus and keeping the green sludge in ponds to a bare minimum. Furthermore, pebbles help in anchoring the plants to the pond’s bottom. These plants offer the perfect spot for fishes to refuge from predators, sunlight and for sleeping. Pebbles that are 1 inch in diameter and round in shape works best for ponds. Get in touch with our team for more information on pond installation.

How much sunlight does a pond need?

Experts propagate that ponds require a minimum of 4 hours of sunlight a day. This is so because aquatic plants need sunlight to bloom, grow, and survive. Hence, most landscapers discourage building ponds in shady spots. Nevertheless, if you choose to build your pond in an area with low sunlight, then we recommend our clients to choose aquatic plants that grow best without sunlight.

Talk to your pond landscapers about the sunlight restrictions before building a pond. The advantage of building a pond in shady spots is that your pond will never face the problem of string algae, as they too require sunlight to survive. For best pond landscaping ideas, call us today.

How do I maintain my pond?

Building a pond can offer endless opportunities for leisure, recreation, and fun but it also involves proper and consistent upkeep to make sure that your pond doesn’t become a breeding ground for mosquitos and harmful bacteria. For starters, make sure you hire the best pond landscaping contractor to build your pond. Poor farm pond design and incompetent construction can lead to higher maintenance costs and additional repair expenditures.

Pond maintenance is an arduous task that involves cleaning up the debris and dead fishes in the water at least twice a month. Especially small ponds that are less than 2 acres in the area require more upkeep. We offer professional pond maintenance services to make sure you have a clean, healthy, and visually appealing pond. We offer algae treatment to destroy string algae, and we use natural pet-friendly bacteria and enzymes to clean your pond. Call us today to schedule a pond maintenance service.

Building and maintaining your pond can be a cost-efficient project with Allison Landscaping. Our team of expert landscapers offers visionary pond landscaping ideas to give your backyard a lagoon-like makeover. Get in touch with our team to schedule a consultation.

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Pond Landscaping Ideas

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