Viking repair in Pasadena

When your home appliance breaks down, you may consider replacing or repairing it. This is usually not a simple decision for many homeowners. At Lerman Appliances, we specialize in appliance repair in LA. Our certified Viking repairman can repair different appliances and get them functioning as new. However, to help you decide whether to replace or repair, consider various factors, including age, pricing, repair cost, and the energy efficiency of your appliance. In addition, find out if a new unit will fit nicely into your current kitchen design or setup.

First Things First

Call a Viking repair company in Los Angeles to determine if your appliance is broken. When your home appliance breaks down, it is easy to become so frustrated that you ignore the obvious. Before you think about repairing or replacing the appliance, find out if it is:

  • Plugged in
  • Your home’s circuit breakers have reset or tripped
  • You have uneven flooring that may cause some appliances to fail to turn on
  • The appliance’s vents and filters are clogged with dust and lint

Product Warranty

Once you determine that the appliance has stopped working, find out if it’s still under warranty. Check the product’s manual and records to see if a warranty still covers it. Some appliance warranties cover labor and parts for specific periods. Schedule a Viking Appliance repair if your product is still covered.

Product Lifespan

Next, find out if the appliance is really at the end of its useful life. All household appliances have an average lifespan or valuable life. The closer the appliance is to its useful life, the more you should consider replacing it rather than repairing it.

Follow the Fifty Percent Rule

If your appliance is more than fifty percent older than its average lifespan and if the repair cost is greater than fifty percent of the cost of purchasing a new one, consider replacing instead of repairing it. To do this, you will have to know the typical lifespan of your appliance.

Most appliance repair companies charge a trip charge to troubleshoot an appliance problem. If the trip charge plus the repair costs are higher than fifty percent of the appliance’s value, consider replacing the appliance. Also, consider that some appliance repair companies waive the trip charge if they repair your appliance.

Energy Efficiency of the Appliance

Calculate the energy efficiency of your appliance to find out if it is cost-effective. Replacing an old appliance with a new energy-efficient one can be cheaper long-term. For instance, modern refrigerators may use up to half the energy of their predecessors.

Hidden Costs of Replacement

Find out if there are hidden costs in replacing your old appliance. The cost of replacing an appliance may be higher than just its initial price. The cost of replacement may be much higher than the price of the appliance.  For instance, you may need to refit your kitchen to accommodate a new refrigerator. In addition, you may need to install gas connections to install a new gas oven or range. All these upgrades could cost you thousands of dollars.

Lerman Appliances is a premier Los Angeles Viking repair center in Pasadena, CA. We can get your old appliance to work as well as new. Please contact us today at 626-684-3993 for a free estimate.

Viking repair in Pasadena

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Viking repair in Pasadena

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